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Vista Blinds - Australia's Best Blind Company

You might confuse Vista blinds with Microsoft's operating system (OS), which is also known as Microsoft Vista. But in fact, this is not true ta all! Vista Blinds is actually an Australian Company which sells blinds and provides online shipping capability to Internet users worldwide.

Therefore, when you talk about Vista Blinds, we are talking about a company that sells window blinds. As messed as it sounds, do not worry. This page will help you describe and guide you on how to buy blinds from Vista Blinds appropriately.

Before proceeding to any of the Vista blind, you know what is a blind first

A blind is a device that resembles a curtain. On the other hand, curtains are usually made from cloth. Blinds are always made from wood, metal or even paper. This is why it is common to hear people mentioning about metal blinds, wood blinds and the ever queer paper blinds.

In short, a blind is a home improvement item for your windows. It blocks off the sun and acts like a sun screen, if you'd like to call it that (because that's just what it does!).

Note that sometimes, blinds are also known as shades. But more on that later.

Vista Blinds not only sells blinds

In fact, they do sell a wide range of blind products. For example, you have the venetian blinds, roman blinds, vertical blinds. Not only that, but Vista Blinds also sell other brands of blinds (which are named differently.

What is the difference between blinds and shades?

Here's what some of you might not know. If you are new to the home improvement area, chances are you can't differentiate between blinds and shades. To make this short, here's the main difference.

Almost all blinds have a roller or string mechanism that functions to rotate the individual slats. If you don't know, slats are the many horizontal pieces of wood (or metal) that make up the blind. So now you know that most blinds rotate.

For shades, they do not rotate. Instead, if you want to open and close a shade on your window, you simply roll them up and down. It acts like a curtain, blocking the window view but they way you use it is different. In the case of curtains, you move them from left to right. For shades, you simply move them from top to bottom. Makes sense?

Depending on your style, Vista blinds might be suitable for you

Every Vista Blind has its unique feature. You won't be able to find the same characteristics all bundled together in one. However, with that being said, you should do your shopping online if you have a computer. This makes it so much easier for you to hunt for the right model.

Gone are the days where you have to leave your house and drive your car to the nearest hardware / supermarket to get a window blind.

Given the many variety of blind choices, you might be spoiled for choice when you view these Vista blinds. Actually, there is no right or wrong when choosing a specific blind for your home. What's most important is you know your window measurement and whether it can fit to your window arch or not.

These are the few things you should keep in mind when buying Vista blinds

Size of your window

Always measure the width and height first before you even buy a blind! Use the measuring tape. A measuring tape can be bought in any hardware / convenience store for a few bucks. Although many companies provide a refund nowadays, it is a real hassle returning the product since a window blind is a physical product!

Check your window arch

Why is this important? It's because the type of your window arch will determine whether you can install the mounting properly later on. Most blinds these days (especially Vista blinds) come with easy mounting installation. Each blind unit must come with a manual. Worst case scenario, simply pay the staff to come over to your house and do the "dirty job" for you. Installing your Vista blinds onto your home window is just a simple half hour job if you know how.

Low prices

The market for blinds these days are pretty competitive, especially if you want to buy blinds online. Vista Blinds company provide a relatively low price because they understand that customer loyalty serves both their side and your side for the long run. However, this does not mean that a blind can get damaged easily in a few months.

A good blind can easily last you for years.


Be aware that certain blind types are dangerous if you have kids at home. Multiple accidents have been reported each year in the US alone due to neck strangulation caused by the cord problem. Therefore, make sure you go for a shade (does not have a cord) instead of blinds (most blinds have cords).